What Now?!

GOD, I heard you...pretty loud and clear as you have kept me up the past few nights. I kept thinking it was the pain from my last weeks procedure that was only supposed to last a few days but it was you. So, here I am, ALL of me actually. Slightly scared but doing it anyway because you said so. Afterall, you did heal me from the worst kind of disease there is so I can only go UP from here, right?!

First, thank YOU for being here-I love you already! Second, I have SO many things to say but what i've noticed about US is that WE dont read(thoroughly) so, I promise to keep things short and sweet but you have to help a sister out because I can go at times. Third, I will be spilling some tea but think of it as green tea, you know the good kind that I have been hooked on lately in which I feel was another sign to start this thing up. Ok and lastly, i promise to always bring a vibe.

Please continue to pray for me as I navigate this new journey! I'm all ears and heart. Just your above average wife, mother, bonus mom, breast cancer survivor, aunt, niece, cousin, daughter in law, bonus daughter, sister, friend, best friend and coworker, out here trying to help in any way possible. You got it, im basically ALL the things! So come, see how i've REALLY been fighting!

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